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Songwriting, Vocal Lessons,
Copyright Issues

Confessions Of A Songwriter
- By Austin Smith, a Canadian who is trekking down the songwriter's path in Nashville, Tennessee.
Confessions of a songwriter
Join Austin on his strange but true musical trek.
How Music Publishing Works
What songwriters need to know.
Copyright Protection
Protecting your music for use on the web
Music Publishers
How to get a good one.
Writing Lyrics For A Living
Can you really?

Dale Turner, West Coast Editor of Guitar One magazine, instructor and recording artist

Music Copyright Laws: How to use cover song versions legally
Making a Living as a Guitar Music Transcriber/Arranger

Singing Lesson Articles 
Diana Yampolsky, creator of The Royans School for the Musical Performing Arts.  

Safe Voice Revolution? 
Learn how to sing safely.
Vocal Science - Flight to the Universe NEW! New article!
Vocally Speaking...The Cutting Edge 
Standing out from the crowd.
Voice Repair - Get Excited! We Have the Tools! 
Psychology of Vocal Performance
Pavlovian Conditioning.
Vocal Insurance - Do you need an agent?
Protecting your singing voice.


Guitar Lessons,
Guitar Instruction, Reviews

Guitar Talk
- By Greigg Fraser, a guitarist/songwriter from London Canada and host of the Canadian cable television show "Guitar Talk".

Review of the PZ-Pre Acoustic Instrument Amp by Radial Engineering
NEW! New article!

Guitar Effects Guide - A Primer
How to properly clean your guitar's fingerboard.
Gripmaster Hand and Finger Exerciser
Greigg reviews the most popular finger exercisers ever made.
Humidity and Your Guitar
Protect your baby! Dry air and low humidity is responsible for the lion's share of guitar problems...particularly with acoustic guitars.
Circle Picking
Increase your picking speed!
String 'Em Up
How to string your guitar properly.
Loose Guitar Frets?
Don't Fret! Learn how to fix those loose ones.
Keeping Your Balance
How to balance your guitar pickups.
Take Your Pick
Everything you wanted to know about your guitar pick, but were afraid to ask.
Tremolo Tips
Tips on setting up your guitar's tremolo system.
Guitar tips and tricks
Adjusting your guitar's neck, fixing guitar bridges, tips for your guitar nut, more.
The Heavier Headstock Myth
Can headstock mass really increase your sustain?
Everything You Need To Know About Your Guitar Nut
Guitar Finish
How can I get my guitar's finish to look glossy again?

Tom Hess Guitar Instruction Articles

Writing songs as a guitarist NEW! New article!
Avoiding Musical Burn Out NEW! New article!
The Pursuit of Artistic Greatness NEW! New article!
How to Develop a Guitar Style
The 80/20 Law - Maximum Results With Minimum Time 
How to Become a Professional Guitarist & Musician ~ Facts and Myths
Take The Test
Choosing a guitar teacher 
Express Yourself 
Guitar Chords; The Caged System
by Pedja Simovic
Expand your vocabulary of licks, tricks and chords.
How To Book a Tour
Nice article from Exclaim!, a Canadian indie scene magazine.

Guitar Principles
- By Jamey Andreas, guitarist and author/creator of
The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar

Bar Chords for Guitar 
Learning how to play bar chords on guitar - a free online lesson for guitar players.
How To Nail A Guitar Solo 
Moving fingers or making music?
Working and Playing as a Guitarist 
Working and playing are two essentials for guitar players; we must know how to do both, and most importantly, how to combine them into one activity.
Metronome Reviews, and The Glue of Repetition
Lost In Time
Learn to play Metallica's 'One'
Learn to play ACDC's 'Back in Black'
Moving In The Direction Of Skill
Developing your skills as a guitarist.
Changing Bad Habits, Part One
Guitarists, learn to change those nasty habits that have been holding you back.
Changing Bad Habits, Part Two
Natural Talent
Working hard for your talent.
Why Should I Learn To Read Music?.
On Memorizing, Part One
Playing from memory, tips and tricks.
On Memorizing, Part Two
Measuring Your Success
To really kick your progress into high gear, you need a system.
Shifting positions on the guitar.
Guitar Practice
What should I practice? Chords, scales, songs?
Guitar Chords
Having A Little Trouble With Those "Easy" Guitar Chords?
Teaching By Travel Brochure
Tips for guitar students and their teachers.
The Importance Of Having A Repertoire
From guitar student to guitar player
Review Is Required!
A properly balanced guitar practice approach that is very often overlooked is Review.
Discover Your Discomfort
Powerful things for practicing guitarists who want to see results from their practice.
The Secret of Speed
Finding the Incredible Lightness
Your Growth As A Guitarist
Vertical or horizontal?
Your Hand Is Your Band
The Importance of Fingering

Stories from a Guitar Teacher
- By Len Collins, Guitar Breakthrough

Guitar Teacher Stories: A New Guitar for Christmas
How to turn a Christmas gift into success.
Guitar Teacher Stories: Playing live as a freelance guitarist.
Playing live as a freelance guitarist was a frightening, exciting and rewarding time.
Guitar Teacher Stories: The first student.
He took out his guitar, sat down and looked at me. I looked at him. He blinked twice in quick succession.
Guitar Teacher Stories: Playing live.
I grabbed the microphone stand and shouted "One! Two! Three!"
Guitar Teacher Stories: Getting up on stage.
Most people don't like going on stage because of the fear of turning into a jelly impersonator with a bright red face.

Guitar Soloing and Improvisation
- By Pat Baxter, recording artist and author of the guitar instruction book called Rockin' The Modes

Guitar Soloing and Improvisation - Lesson 1
Overlap and Glue - Lesson 2
New Scale Pattern - Lesson 3
Half and Half - Lesson 4
Shamrocks and Shredders - Lesson 6
E Minor and Other Obscurities - Lesson 7

The Beginner's Guide to Guitar Scales
- How to learn guitar scales quick and easy

Playing Solo Guitar at Wedding Gigs
- How to get the gig, and what to do once you have it.

Guitar Bar Chords
Playing bar chords easily.
Master Speed Guitar  NEW! New article!
Speed Guitar: Speed vs Speed  NEW! New article!


Musician Resource Articles

Prepare Thyself For Thy SoundTech
- By Steve Parton, a composer, recording artist and music educator residing in Southern Ontario.
Prepare Thyself For Thy SoundTech
Bands Who Do Their Own Sound

Radio Airplay 101
- By Bryan Farrish, an independent radio airplay promoter.  

Radio 101: How to Get Radio Airplay For Your Music - Part One
Radio 101: How to Get Non-Commercial Radio Airplay For Your Music - Part Two

Music, Web Site Promotion

Promote your web site - 5 Free Powerful Tips from CleverJoe
Musicians! Make Money With Your Web Site!
Everything At Once
What does it take to make a real rock band? Well it takes a record deal, which these five can tell you ain't easy.
Tapping Into Your Creativity
14 practical tips on how to tap into your creative self.


Musical Instruments,
Product Reviews

Roland Digital Piano Reviews
Roland FP-5 Digital Piano Review
Roland RD-300SX Digital Piano Review
Roland RD-700SX Digital Piano Review
MP3 Player Comparison Shopping
Apple iPod MP3 Player Reviews and Top Picks
iRiver MP3 Player Reviews and Top Picks
Rio MP3 Player Reviews and Top Picks
Best MP3 Player - Which one should I buy?
Gripmaster Hand and Finger Exerciser
Greigg reviews the most popular finger exercisers ever made.
Sibelius Music Scoring Software
The best music notation in the industry. Product reviews, comparisons with Finale, more.
Shure BETA58A Vocal Microphone
Supercardioid dynamic mic, excellent choice for vocal applications.
Infiltrating Your Local Music Scene
Don't overlook one of the most valuable and inexpensive resources you, as a musician, should have at your disposal--namely other musicians.
Artist's Way
Unlocking your creative energy.
Band-in-a-Box 8.0
Very clever music accompaniment and idea generating software.
Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0
Ahh... Cakewalk just keeps getting better! A very fast and creative tool for professional music and sound production.
Roland XP Series Keyboard Synthesizers
The Roland XP keyboard series are power-house musical instruments loaded with excellent features.
Korg N-series Keyboards
the Korg N364 and the 76-key N264 keyboards - these are babies are jam packed with superb sounds.
Korg Trinity Keyboards
This is a serious keyboard synth. There are lots of incredible sounds and the possibilities are enormous.

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